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Claire Bueno - Media Coach, Media Training, Bespoke Media Coaching Services

Having accrued a wealth of experience interviewing established film stars as well as emerging talent Claire has experienced and appreciates that not everyone is comfortable in an interview scenario answering questions, either in a press line up or on a one to one basis.
One of Claire’s talents is her ability to put people at ease and work through people’s difficulties or apprehensions and with this is mind Claire offers one to one coaching to enable her clients to deal with the media and break down any barriers and instil confidence.

Claire offers very practical coaching sessions and safe space for talent to perfect their interview technique before facing the press. She has extensive experience working with emerging and seasoned professionals and where English is not their first language.

Her objective is to best prepare the talent for the unknown; to give them insight into the line of questioning to expect and to give them the tools to know how to respond.

Media coaching sessions are bespoke and are adapted to an individual’s personal requirements. Sessions are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Claire works with leading personal publicists, HBO, Sky, ITV, Cartoon Network, Penguin Random House, the BFI, DDA, Altitude, MacMillan, DDA and Premier. Talent she has coached have appeared on The Graham Norton Show, The One Show, The Jonathan Ross Show and on leading BBC radio stations.

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