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Having accrued a wealth of experience interviewing established film stars as well as emerging talent Claire has experienced and appreciates that not everyone is comfortable in an interview scenario answering questions, either in a press line up or on a one to one basis.

One of Claire’s talents is her ability to put people at ease and work through people’s difficulties or apprehensions and with this is mind Claire offers one to one coaching to enable her clients to deal with the media and break down any barriers and instil confidence.

Claire offers very practical coaching sessions and safe space for talent to perfect their interview technique before facing the press. She has extensive experience working with emerging and seasoned professionals and where English is not their first language.

Media coaching aims to help individuals prepare for and navigate the challenges ofinteracting with the press. It provides valuable guidance and techniques to handle interviews, anticipate potential lines ofquestioning, and respond effectively to inquiries while under public scrutiny. 

Overall, media coaching offers a structured approach to prepare individuals for media interactions, equipping them with the necessary skills to handle press interviews confidently and effectively.

The sessions are bespoke and are adapted to an individual's personal requirements. Sessions are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Claire works with leading personal publicists, HBO, Netflix, Sky, ITV, Cartoon Network, Penguin Random House, the BFI, DDA, Altitude, MacMillan and Premier. Talent she has coached have appeared on The Graham Norton Show, The One Show, The Jonathan Ross Show and on leading BBC radio stations.

As an interviewer Claire has had the privilege of interviewing Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sigourney Weaver, Emily Blunt, Samuel L Jackson, James Cameron and Andy Serkis to name a few.

Coaching for Claire is personal, she deeply cares about people. Having spent many years witnessing interviewees displaying various levels of confidence and spotting vulnerability, lead Claire down the path of media coaching. She knew she could empower, build confidence, help people find their voice; and she has.

Having accrued over a decade of media coaching experience, Claire has noticed a shift in what is required of her as a media coach, as she is presented more and more with mental health and anxiety issues. With this in mind Claire is now a registered student with the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) to become a certified counsellor. She has passed her Level 2, underpinning her knowledge, skills and competencies to use counselling skills ethically and safely. She hopes this will help provide her with the necessary tools, so she may offer more informed and trusted guidance to those who need help, and consequently offering a unique service and take her coaching to the next level. Claire commences her Level 3 training in the spring of 2024.


"Claire has long been one of my most trusted journalists, both for her professionalism and researched and intelligent questions on the red carpet and also for her dedication and commitment when it comes to media training my actor clients. An absolute delight to work with and one of the nicest people in the business. I can’t recommend Claire highly enough."

Alexa Sabberton, Founder, Personal PR

"I've had the pleasure of working with Claire Bueno as a journalist and media coach. As a personal publicist, working with somebody known for their ability to listen, collaborate, and build trust with clients gives real peace of mind. Claire demonstrates a genuine care for the individuals she works with, making their needs a top priority. Claire's expertise in her field is evident, and she is dedicated to delivering a personalised service. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Claire Bueno."

Dane Punch, Founder, Dane Punch PR

"Having used Claire for media training in the past, I would highly recommend her services.  Professional and adept at working with various experience levels, she provides excellent coaching for all aspects of being in-front of the media."

Sam Ross, Director, Awards (Film) at The DDA Group

"I recently had media training with Claire which was my first time doing something like this. Claire was an absolute pleasure and put me immediately at ease. It was like talking to an old friend. I can’t recommend Claire highly enough and I will be using her again and again for my talent."

Emma Fernando, Series Producer - Hanna Barbera Studios Europe/Warner Media

"There is something about practising with you that brings me calm and focus."

Anonymous Client


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